May 1st, 2007 by alex
Mike Gravel made such an impression in the first Democratic debate last week that his name is the 15th most popular search in the blogosphere.
Furthermore, the most popular video clip among bloggers is Gravel saying Congress should make it a felony for the United States to stay in Iraq. At mid-day, Technorati reports 59 blogs have linked to the clip in the last 48 hours, for a total of 151 links overall.
Some of what bloggers are saying: ” He’s no kook” and His speaking style is very forceful.”
For those still unfamiliar with this White House hopeful, Gravel is the long-ago senator from Alaska whose name is pronounced gra-vell’ .
He’s also the one who, during the Thursday night debate, said he is scared by some of his rivals. Pressed to say who, he replied, “The popular ones.”
By: Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence