The Geoeconomic Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

“China’s belt/road, Silk Road, analysis by former ambassador Chas Freeman, the most sophisticated and enlightened analyst in the world today, is a must read to understand the future economics of the world. It also underscores the silliness of the U.S. continuing to bog itself down in the swamp of the Middle East. The hubris of the president and the Congress will deny us a role in this great future.”

America’s system of checks and balances might struggle to contain a despot

“The troika of countervailing centers of political power (legislative, executive and judiciary) developed by Montesquieu and adopted by our constitutional Framers was made vulnerable to abuse with the rise of party politics.   Political parties, initiated by Jefferson and Hamilton in Washington’s first administration, are anathema to honest government. It is now obvious that  when one party controls all three departments of government, the partisan abuse becomes extreme and destructive of representative government, which we flatter ourselves to call a democracy. This gordian knot can only be severed by direct democracy: a political/electoral process whereby citizens are empowered to deliberately exercise the central power of government — lawmaking.”


This new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine offers an excellent review of relevant scientific research published since 1999. The report summarizes the health impacts of cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

Scientists to Government: Make It Easier to Study Marijuana

The use of herbs and plants to minister to human ills has been around since the beginning of civilization. That we are so ignorant to still deny the obvious research needed to improve the quality

The “Beatification” of Barack Obama. The “Good Guy” Storyline is Set…

“With Barack Obama’s exit the US is losing a saint.” writes Simon Jenkins in the Guardian, whilst Ann Perkins praises his “grace, decency and defence of democracy”. Lola Okolosie rhapsodises on his legacy of “warmth, love, resilience”. Already the storyline is

US Sen. Warren seeks to pull pot shops out of banking limbo

BOSTON (AP) — As marijuana shops sprout in states that have legalized the drug, they face a critical stumbling block — lack of access to the kind of routine banking services other businesses take for

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