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… to fundamentally shift the dialogue of American politics. I’m running for president to force the tough conversation about the costs of endless wars of choice.

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The Real Cover-Up

Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context By Andrew J. Bacevich There is blood in the water and frenzied sharks are closing in for the kill. Or so they think. From the time of Donald Trump’s

The Citizens Legislative Procedures Act

The rule of law is central to human governance. It is incumbent on those citizens who make the laws and those citizens who enjoy or suffer the consequences of laws to realize that lawmaking is


Section 1.   The sovereign authority of the People of the United States, vested in an independent "Legislature of the People" wherein individual citizens can exercise their legislative power to enact, repeal and amend public policies,

Imperial Exceptionalism

Theodore Roosevelt, center, during construction of the Panama Canal, 1906 It is hard to give up something you claim you never had. That is the difficulty Americans face with respect to their country’s empire. Since

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