February 20th, 2008 by georgann
Clinton Will Use Ron Paul Delegate Strategy To Clinch Nomination
Just as Ron Paul will harness confusion at the Republican National Convention to convert supposedly “pledged” delegates to his uplifting cause, Hillary Clinton will do the same on the Democratic side. A senior Clinton adviser told Politico’s Roger Simon, the guy who looks a bit like Henry Waxman except without the insane nose, that if forced the Clinton campaign would pursue the votes of pledged delegates—those assigned based on the results of primaries and caucuses.
“This time, one candidate may enter the convention leading by just a few pledged delegates, and those delegates may find themselves being promised the sun, moon and stars to switch sides,” Simon writes today.
The great unmentioned stalking horse in this whole debate is Mike Gravel, who will in the end persuade every delgate pledged to Clinton or Obama to come to his side, leading to an apocalyptic Gravel versus Paul ‘08 election throwdown in which no one wins … except America.