For the past few months now, Gravel Campaign “Netroots” Directors have been hard at work coming up with new ways for Sen. Gravel to communicate with our grassroots supporters online. Beginning tomorrow (Saturday, August 25), Mike is going to start communicating directly with people on the social networking site,, through a brand new application called “AskMeSomething.”

Anyone who has a Facebook account will now be able to communicate with the Senator directly by simply adding this latest application, which you can download for free at

Tomorrow, Mike will be initiating the conversation by soliciting supporters’ opinions about the condition of politics today. In the upcoming weeks, we are hoping to have several new questions or statements posted on key issues that Senator Gravel has been emphasizing during his campaign.

You can help us by spreading the word to friends, family, neighbors, business associates—really anyone who has access to the Internet and may be interested in what Mike has to say about the state of our great country. If you need more information, go to Mike Gravel’s account