We Are Students supporting Mike Gravel for president in 2008

Students For Gravel is a website setup by a group of college students in support of Mike Gravel(pronounced Gruh-vell). We want students everywhere to join and initiate the beginnings of a grassroots campaign this summer and fall to get other college students interested in Mike.

Mike Gravel is a fresh voice in the sea of blah-ness. He gives straight answers on issues, and is not tied to any large campaign donors. Many other Democrats want more of the same in Washington, no real reforms, just keeping it nice and bureaucratic to keep the campaign money flowing in. Mike strays from the pack.

This website has just started, and will continue to grow. As students, we can lead the grassroots movement to help Mike Gravel secure the democratic nomination. It is tough, but the end result can be amazing. To find out more about Mike, go to our ‘about‘ section. You can also catch up on the latest news with Mike in the ‘blog, find out what you can do to help, and see what others are doing on our forum.