August 27th, 2007 by jpeters

Senator Gravel is very pleased to hear that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has finally decided to resign. “For far too long Gonzales’s incompetence and mendacity have left the Justice Department without true leadership,” Gravel said. “His congressional testimony into the wiretapping scandal made it obvious that either Gonzales was a liar or a fool. In either case he had no business being the highest criminal justice official in America.”

The Senator hopes that President George Bush will look outside his administration for a replacement and dismisses the suggestion that DHS Chief Michael Chertoff could lead the Justice Department successfully. “Chertoff is yet another Bush crony who proved his incompetence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina,” added Gravel.

“Gonzales has trashed the Geneva Conventions by providing legal cover for our military and intelligence community to torture at will around the world,” said Gravel. “He has hurt this country morally and razed its good name. The true extent of damage inflicted on our country by Gonzales and this administration will not be known for many years to come.”