September 17th, 2007 by jpeters
Mike Gravel strongly disagrees with the AARP’s decision to exclude him from its Presidential Debate in Iowa on September 20. The basis for AARP’s decision was a set of criteria that included “one paid campaign staff representative” in Iowa and “a campaign office inside the State of Iowa.” Senator Gravel considers these requirements arbitrary. The Gravel for President Campaign is proud of its Iowa operations, fueled entirely by unpaid volunteers who have donated office space. The fact that the Senator’s supporters in Iowa are not paid is a testament to the resonance of his message and should not be the basis for excluding him from any forum or event.
No other organization that sponsored a presidential debate or forum demanded AARP’s requirements. The NAACP,, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and several other media organizations and activist groups have invited the Senator to their presidential debates and set no criteria regarding the inner-workings of his campaign operations.
Senator Gravel would like to thank all his supporters in Iowa who are working every day to spread his message. He knows they will not be discouraged by the AARP’s unjust decision.
Thank you.