North Carolina Convention This Weekend!

For those who do not know, the Libertarian nomination process is quite different than our traditional two-party system. Before the big day(s) in Colorado, many of the states, if not all, hold State Conventions. These are normally full weekend events, and are basically where the candidates get to plead their case to the Libertarians. Often times, those in attendance are undecided National Convention delegates.

This weekend, April 11-13, the North Carolina Libertarian Party will be holding its State Convention. Just like the Democrats, the Libertarian candidates are eyeing North Carolina as well.

Senator Gravel will be in attendence to plead his case. However, he will not be staying the entire weekend. Mike will be in North Carolina for the reception on Friday evening and until about mid-afternoon on Saturday. The following candidates will join him in North Carolina:

  • Mary Ruwart (Entire Weekend)
  • George Phillies (Entire Weekend)
  • Bob Barr (Several hours, mid-day Saturday)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (Saturday evening banquet to Sunday for the candidate forum)

This event will be held at the La Quinta Inn in Burlington, North Carolina. You can easily reach the La Quinta from I-85. Traveling north on I-85, take Exit 145 and turn left onto Maple Ave. La Quinta will be on the right. Traveling south on I-85, exit at Exit 145 and turn right. La Quinta will then be on the right. Reservations are available by calling La Quinta Inn at 336-229-5203.

For more information about the event, contact Brian Irving of the North Carolina Libertarian Party at (910) 987-5844.

Brian – Campaign Blogger