December 11th, 2007 by jpeters
Mike continues to hold the #1 spot over all other Presidential candidates at a poll sponsored by, an online military community for service members, veterans and their families. Director of Content Lane D. Burkholz said nearly 1.7 million votes have been cast on the site’s Candidate Calculator since its release in mid September. Gravel ranks first with just under 14% followed by Mayor Rudy Giuliani at 11.9% and Governor Mitt Romney at 10.2%. The nearest Democratic rival is Congressman Dennis Kucinich at 9.8%. The site, which claims more than 15,000 members and offers free membership for active duty veterans and military family members, also offers a Military Discussion Forum with more than 50,000 posts.
“The calculator is an online poll that matches voters with their most like-minded presidential candidates after voters indicate their positions on 24 political issues,” said Burkholz. “We developed the Candidate Calculator as a thought-provoking tool to prompt consideration among voters of important issues facing our country.”
The Candidate Calculator has garnered nationwide media attention. CNN political news show The Situation Room aired a story on September 20 about the calculator and Senator Mike Gravel’s place at the top of the list as the most-frequently matched candidate by the calculator. The talk-radio show The Glenn Beck Program featured a discussion of the calculator with candidate Mike Huckabee on October 3. Google currently ranks the VAJoe Candidate Calculator first for the search term “2008 Election.”