February 28th, 2007 by alex
Thank you to all of the supporters of Mike Gravel who are sending in checks in support of the senator’s candidacy. It may be worth your time to check out Ed Garvey’s piece written for the Madison Capital Times (linked below to its post on CommonDreams) on the effect of money in this year’s race. As the ‘media’ candidates close in on $1 billion, its not easy to disagree with Garvey when he writes, “Selecting the ‘American Idol’ will be a more democratic process than nominating the Republican and Democratic candidates for president.”
Garvey goes on to write “You, my friends, are not needed. Big media conglomerates, pollsters, consultants, big drug and insurance companies, and other captains of industry will take this burden from your shoulders. You have plenty to keep you busy just making a living, so you can let the big boys (“bigs”) and their bagmen make the decision for you…. The Democratic Leadership Council bigs decided five years ago to nominate Hillary Clinton in 2008.”
He also writes,”Take a break, folks. They will let you know the names of the chosen ones by July… remember when we had a democracy and people like us played a role in nominating our candidates?”
Let’s not let ‘the Bigs’ choose the next President. Let’s take it back.