September 10th, 2007 by jpeters
If you didn’t catch the Univision debate last night — which was aired only in Spanish — many bloggers and newspapers have been reacting to Senator Gravel ‘s great performance yesterday.
This popular blogger in particular paid Mike high compliments for knowing the issues and responding to them honestly: “. . . I found myself dreaming of a Mike Gravel presidency. Gravel showed he knew something about his audience in his first response by, before replying, extending his condolences to the family of U.S. Army Private Armando Soriano, who was killed in Iraq and whose parents now face deportation. . . .
“When asked about whether immigration reform would be a priority for him in the first year of his presidency, he made a comment that no other candidate had made up until this point: that the immigration “issue” is a mere scapegoat for the myriad problems we have in this country, both something to be blamed for our healthcare, crime and education woes, and also a distraction from our national disgrace, Iraq. Amen, Mike.”