March 26th, 2007 by alex
Some coverage from this past weekends Health Care debate in Las Vegas.

Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska proposed a system that would distribute vouchers so Americans could shop for coverage. “I know the system up close and personal,” Gravel said.
L.A. Times

Sen. Mike Gravel, of Alaska, called for “a universal single-payer plan.” He said he would give people vouchers, which could be used to pay doctors and hospitals, and a choice of five or six health plans.
NY Times

Gravel called proposals to build on the employer-based plan “a Band-Aid that’s not going to work.”
Washington Post

Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska, proposed far more sweeping changes. Kucinich called for scrapping the present system and replacing it with a government-run, national health care program. Gravel offered a plan in which the federal government would issue annual health care vouchers to people based on their projected needs.
San Diege Union-Tribune

The New Leadership On Health Care presidential forum put on display which of the candidates have the most serious plans — Kucinich, Edwards, Gravel and Richardson — and who isn’t clear on their plans — Obama and Clinton.
Mike Gravel Proposes A Health Voucher Plan:
Former Alaska senator Mike Gravel proposed a single-payer system of sorts, but under his system each American would get a health care voucher that they would use to purchase their choice of five or six private insurance plans. “Everyone gets the same product. If you want more than the product you’ve got, you pay for it,” he said.
Gravel said he would not expand Medicare or Medicaid unless “we don’t see the private insurance companies shape up.