January 17th, 2008 by georgann
It just goes to show you can never count on a corrupt political process.
Fifteen minutes before the NBC Las Vegas debate, the Nevada Supreme Court granted NBC’s “emergency” appeal and barred Dennis Kucinich from the televised debate.
The court held that the “first amendment rights” of a “corporate media outlet” trumped the right of the American people to an open debate process.
What this ruling effectively says is that private, unelected media companies can decide who can and cannot appear in an officially snactioned presidential debate.
This ruling is an extremely dangerous precedent.
This is why we initiated IndependentPrimary.com — to fight to protect and expand small “d” democracy for us little “g” guys and gals.
We have an incredible opportunity to do something about this. The 2008 presidential election has an unprecedented level of competition. Everyone wants the independent vote. They know that our vote, in alliance with independent-minded Democrats or Republicans, is a winning combination.
We have sent a letter to all the presidential candidates asking them to come forward to admonish the Nevada’s Supreme Court’s decision, and to call for inclusionary debates.
We’ll share their responses in just a few days. And we’ll be launching a new IndependentPrimary.Com vote very soon.
Sincerely,Jim Mangia & Linda Curtis