President Obama’s touted policy shift toward Cuba is truly a disgrace and the details had to have been written by childish bureaucrats. Americans can make gifts to Cubans only if they are not communists. Be careful, you’d better check everyone’s registration before you send any gifts of  food or whatever.If you’re Cuban, visits are unlimited, that is, if you are visiting a second cousin or closer, or someone who lives with such a relative. Now, how is the State Department going to check this out? During your “visit” you can lay fiber-optic cable and engage in most kinds of telecommunications work but all other forms of business contacts remain off-limits.Nevertheless, Obama is making an improvement. Clinton permitted one visit per year, however, Bush restricted it to once every three years. But in an interesting twist, Obama continues an ethnic policy of a discriminatory nature. Suppose you don’t have a second cousin in Cuba and for that matter aren’t even Cuban, why can’t you visit Cuba like you can visit Vietnam. After all Vietnam is also a communist country on the other side of the globe which enjoys most favored trading nations status or visit China . A consistent foreign policy is too much to ask of our representative government.Our Cuban policy is a legacy of the cold war, long gone, like the size of our military budget. Obama promised us new leadership for both domestic and foreign policy; we have yet to see it. Don’t hold your breath.   mg