Denouncing ‘Colossal Waste’ of Drug War, Report Makes Case for Decriminalization

This report conclusively proves the failure of the Obama presidency. He left the rotting inner cities exactly as he found them. Barack could have ended Nixon’s war on drugs. He could have done so much

Mike Gravel at the September 26th Debate in New Hampshire

Again, the issue is how to stop the war in Iraq: invoke cloture and stop the killing that simple. Senator Lieberman, the author of the resolution that empowered President Bush to invade Iraq

Mike Gravel Explains “The Rock” video

The rock video was the most popular political spot of the 08 election cycle. In point of fact it was not a political spot and was never played commercially as part of my

Mike Gravel at the August 19th Debate in Iowa

This presidential debate concerns the possible use of nuclear weapons against Iran. The politicians are cooking the intelligence books with respect to any possible threat from Iran. This policy is the neocons plan

Mike Gravel at the Democratic Debate

At this presidential debate in 2007 the issue focused on getting out of Iraq when faced with a filibuster in the Senate. Gravel outlines a plan to break the filibuster. He also questions

World fears US as a war-hungry drunk’

This clip speaks to U.S. imperialism leading our nation into decline: evidence the failure of our education and health care systems, and the sorry state of our national   physical infrastructure. Our soldiers prosecuting

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